New Toyota Hilux for sale in Haiti

Toyota Hilux for Sale in Haiti

This isn’t the typical ‘Old vs New’ debate. For some, brand new isn’t always the right option. So instead, let’s get you up to speed on how to make sure you are picking the right used Toyota Hilux for Sale in Haiti 

It isn’t always as easy as finding a Toyota Hilux for Sale in Haiti with low kilometres and the right price. There is so much more you need to be aware of BEFORE you buy a used vehicle.   

What to look for when buying a used New Toyota Hilux for sale in Haiti

Toyota Hilux for sale in Haiti

Service history

Ideally, the vehicle you are purchasing will come with a full documented service and repair history. This gives you an idea if the car has been looked after or if it was a means of transport to the previous owner.  

While this isn’t a foolproof way to see if the car is in A1 condition, it will show you any repairs that may have been done during the life of the vehicle. In addition to this, it will also show you when the last tyre rotation, suspension change, timing belts, etc. was done. It will also give you an idea on previous issues the vehicle has had and things that you may need to be aware of. 

Check the engine thoroughly

The Toyota Hilux for Sale in Haiti comes in both petrol and diesel variants, and depending on which engine you choose, there are some different issues that can arise over time. 

  • Is the engine clean? – Diesel engines that are not regularly cleaned, accumulate dust, dirt and grime which can damage the components of the engine and subsequently affect the vehicles performance. 
  • Servicing – Ensure the car has been regularly serviced.  
  • Fuel pump issues – Petrol variants can become sluggish, and this is an indicator that your car has fuel pump issues. It could be something as simple as it needing a new filter but it could also be a much larger problem. 
  • Leaks – Check for leaks; primarily in the brakes, engine components and transmission.  


This seems like an obvious issue to look for but the Toyota Hilux for Sale in Haiti  is often used as a work horse – for both work and play – so it is important that this is checked. 

Known for their towing capacity, the Toyota Hilux is regularly used to tow boats. This constant contact with salt water is a leading cause for rust. 

Signs of off-road damage

This four wheel drive is a popular choice for off-roading. Whether just the basic dirt roads or more serious four wheel driving, this hobby comes with high risk of vehicle damage – particularly if the vehicle doesn’t have ample protection. 

  • Does it have underbody protection? Also be aware that hidden behind underbody protection may also be a mess of salt water and mud if the previous owner has not thoroughly cleaned after each adventure. 
  • Get underneath and have a good look for possible cracking, leaks, misalignments and significant scratching. These are good indictors of the life the vehicle has lived. 

Aftermarket modifications

Too often backyard mechanics do their own mods to vehicles. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is something that you need to be cautious of. If new springs have been installed and are badly aligned, they could come loose and collapse without warning. You don’t want to be driving on the highway in your ‘new to you’ Toyota Hilux and it fail on you. This is incredibly dangerous. 

Buying Toyota Hilux for sale in Haiti Certified Pre-Owned cars VS private sales

When you purchase a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Ken Mills Toyota, you are investing in peace of mind. What does that mean? 

Buying a certified pre-owned car from Ken Mills Toyota means: 

  • Only the best vehicles are eligible 
  • It will have a full service history  
  • It will have undergone an independent CarHistory® background check 
  • It may include a statutory warranty depending on your circumstances  
  • It will have undergone a comprehensive quality inspection completed by qualified Toyota technicians  
  • It will offer 1 year of nationwide Toyota Roadside Assist 
  • It will have been reconditioned to Toyota’s exacting standards by Toyota technicians 
  • Easy flexible finance and insurance options are available 

Don’t forget that you are buying a Toyota Hilux because they are known for their reliability and sturdiness. Don’t risk it by buying the unknown!  Buy your Hilux from Ken Mills Toyota.

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