Used Toyota Coaster bus for sale

Used Toyota Coaster bus for sale

Used Toyota Coaster bus for sale is a minibus manufactured by Toyota since 1963. The Coaster has a great reputation because it is a very much valued vehicle used for the transportation of passengers from and to hotels, restaurants, and schools. At present, the vehicle is available for sale in over 100 regions and nations, and total sales have now reached far beyond 550,000 units.

So why do we should pick this reliable minibus for transportation purpose? Read the complete review from auto experts and consumers below to find out the reasons behind.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Used Toyota Coaster bus for sale



  • Pleasant passenger experience
  • Spacious and convenient cabin
  • Drives and handles very well
  • Great reputation for reliability


  • Low driver seat height
  • Difficult rear vision
  • Quite pricey

The Toyota Coaster was first introduced to the public in 1963 as a “Light Bus”, in response to increased need for a minibus which can seat up to 25 people with comfort. The production of the initial models ended in 1981. The second generation made its debut in 1982 and it continued till 1993. The third generation started in 1993 and it received facelifts twice in the year 2001 and 2007. The current generation, the fourth generation, was launched in December 2016 and was available for sale in January 2017. Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series 

In some countries, the Coaster is called the Hino Liasse2. The main competitor of the Coaster is the Nissan Civilian. Toyota Ambulance for sale 

As now, most of the Coasters sold in the market are manufactured from 1993 or later. So the parts below we will focus on reviewing these models. In case you are interested in buying a older model, please send an inquiry to us and then our sales agent will support you with more details.

Toyota Coaster Design

According to Masahiro Yamakawa, Coaster chef engineer, the latest Coasters have a well-built design which is completely logical thanks to the great work of the Toyota’s design team. For this model change, the entire product has been improved, including the initial vision for the interior space. Most grades of the current Coaster overseas have pillars with exposed steel plates.  Whereas all grades of the new model have trim that covers the steel plates.

Many minibuses has only one door for passengers but the Toyota Coasters have got two doors. With the help of the two doors, passengers can get in and out of the bus with ease. Besides, it is also easy to load and unload heavy stuff from the Coasters.

Get into the car, the Used Toyota Coaster bus for sale interior gives may “Wows” to its passengers. The cabin space provides extreme convenience to the passengers. Air conditioning is equipped to make the bus cold. Its power steering makes the Coaster smooth to drive. Automatic doors are also given to bring the comfort the the driver. To provide customers chilled drinks when going on a long journey, a refrigerator is also offered in the bus. Later models have got a redesigned panel to enhance the exceptional usability. Other changes focus on storage for mobile phones and tablets, cup-holders, user-friendly switches, and forward visibility. And the design team also worked to reduce driver stress and offer support for long-drives.

For people who look for a bus to take their family and friends to camping, the Toyota Coaster is the best option for them. The bus will enable them to store the luggage with ease and passengers can easily travel in the bus thanks to its roomy interior. Toyota Ambulance for sale 

2017 Toyota Coaster dimensions:

– Length 6,200–7,700 mm (244.1–303.1 in)
– Width: 2,000 mm (78.7 in)
– Height: 2,600 mm (102.4 in)
– Curb weight: 4,990 kg (11,001.1 lb)

Engine And Driving Experience Used Toyota Coaster bus for sale

The Coaster is available in many different engine sizes so you can pick the engine fitted your demand the most. Both manual and automatic transmission are offered for the bus. The manual transmission gains more success than the automatic one because it is easier to handle and drive.

Durability and reliability of latest models are further refined to improve quietness and ride comfort.

Toyota Coaster Price

Latest Toyota Coaster models have the price at over $90,000. On used car market, the price of a used Toyota Coaster varies from $30,000 to $80,000 depending on model year, mileage and other conditions of the car. Compared to other rivals, the price range of toyota coaster models is a little higher but it is reasonable for the excellent durability and reliability of this Toyota minibus. Toyota HiLux 2.4