Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi

Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi

As you are seeking for a used Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi, either a Toyota HiAce diesel for sale or a gasoline one, learning about Toyota HiAce enginespecifications, features and performance is essential to help you make a better decision. So here is some useful information about this car that we have specially summarised for you. Check it out!

Toyota Hiace Van Overview

When planning to buy a commuter van, it is necessary that you pick a multi-purpose vehicle like the Toyota HiAce Van. This van has the ability to fit as many passengers as possible. So if you are living in an area where heavy traffic could be a big issue, it will be important to have a vehicle that can tow a lot of passengers at once like the Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi

Launched as a commercial-use, cab-over-engine vehicle, the Toyota HiAce Van is a popular multi-purpose vehicle. Even old Toyota HiAce models are well-liked for their touch, robust engine and versatile qualities. The Toyota HiAce Vans are commonly used for various purposes for instance as community bus, fixed-route bus, shuttle bus, jumbo taxi or even as an ambulance. Besides, it is also a perfect choice for people looking for a family car or a cargo transport.

Toyota has successfully made 5 generations of the Toyota HiAce Van. The latest generation was launched in 2004 and is still ongoing. It has been sold in many countries for quite a long period, and it gains lots of good reputation for its reliability and durability in hard weather and condition.

The latest generation, the fifth one, of Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi is very popular in the Japanese used car market nowadays. Models of this generation are well-known for their “Grand Cabin” which features a high roof along with wide and long wheelbase. Additionally, they are equipped with the gear level set on the dashboard for easier movement in the cabin. From 2004 to present, models of this generation are available in 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions.

Toyota primarily manufactured the HiAce line as an utilitarian vehicle that can carry several passengers. But its passenger capability is not the only outstanding feature that makes this car popular. Here are other strong points of the Toyota HiAce Van we think you may want to know:

Convenient Interior Space

The lofty cabin of the Toyota HiAce offers convenient seats which are contoured to every passenger. The car also has a rear air conditioning system that makes travelling become easier. Addition to it, the cargo space of the HiAce is too spacious, enabling you to tow whatever you want.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The sheer size and exquisite stance of a Toyota HiAce Van gives to you an elegant style wherever you go. The wide sliding doors are designed to wrap the passengers for a spacious interior feel while also features a sleek exterior design.

Dependable Performance

The highly effective 3.0L D4-D diesel engine with common rail direct injection are given to the HiAce. Models in this line also receive manual transmission with smooth shifting capacity, allowing you to carry people and luggage with optimum power and efficiency.

Safe Drives

The Toyota HiAce Van is a car easy to drive. It also offers a lot of safety features such as anti-lock brakes, safety crumple zones, engineered seatbelts,….

Toyota HiAce Fuel Consumption

Over three decades, there are many upgrades given to the Toyota HiAce. Every year, the series not only improves its passenger capacity and cargo space, but also upgrades its fuel-efficiency as well. So today, when looking for light commercial vans, most of people tend to choose a HiAce Van because of its fuel-efficiency.

In general, the average fuel consumption of the Toyota HiAce Van manual version is at about 8.4 Litres/100 km. However, the number can vary, depending on the year of release, engine type and van’s series.

Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi : Common Problems

When considering of buying a used Toyota HiAce Van for sale, you also need to know some common problems of this Van to avoid any unexpected problem that can happen in the future. As a guide, below are three problems you may encounter if you either leave your van unattended or overuse it.

Thick Smoke Appears When Accelerating

Thick black and white smoke shows either an issue with the van’s turbo or its fuel injectors. To distinguish the two issues, double inspect your mileage. Poor performance indicates issues with the turbo. If not, you need to replace the fuel injector.

Excessive Noise Appears When Decelerating

Uncommon noise occurs when decelerating from 70 kph or more illustrates that there may be some issues with the transmission bearing. If so, the car needs to get checked for preventing transmission failure.

Vibrating Clutch Toyota HiAce Van for sale Malawi

Excessive and unwanted vibration will occur if the clutch oils up over time. In situations like this, you need to either: just let it be as it doesn’t really influence the Van’s motor system; or speed up and slip the clutch to burn the oil, replace the clutch.

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