Used Toyota car for sale in Kenya

Used Toyota car for sale in Kenya

Importing aUsed Toyota car for sale in Kenya from Europe  can be a lucrative opportunity due to the wide selection of vehicles at competitive prices and the reputation of Poland as a hub for quality cars. This article provides a detailed guide on how to successfully navigate the import process, ensuring compliance with all regulations and ensuring a smooth transaction.

Import Car from Dubai to Kenya

To import a Used Toyota car for sale in Kenya from Poland to Kenya, start by selecting a reputable dealer or exporter in Poland, such as T More Auto Machinery, known for their extensive experience in auto re-export. Ensure the car meets Kenya’s import standards, particularly concerning the year of manufacture and roadworthiness.

Taxes Car Import from Poland to Kenya

The Kenyan government imposes various taxes on imported vehicles, which can include:

  • Import Duty: 25% of the CIF value (Cost, Insurance, Freight)
  • Excise Duty: varies depending on the engine capacity
  • VAT: 16% of the sum of the CIF value, Import Duty, and Excise Duty
  • Import Declaration Fee and Railway Development Levy

Arrange for Shipping Car from Poland to Kenya

Choosing the right shipping method is crucial. Most cars from Dubai to Kenya are shipped via container or Roll-on/Roll-off (RoRo) services. Select a shipping company that offers competitive rates and reliable service.

Shipping Cost for Cars from Poland to Kenya

The cost of shipping can vary based on the size of the vehicle and the shipping method chosen. Typically, RoRo shipping is more cost-effective than container shipping. Costs can range from $800 to $2,000.

Vehicle Clearance Certificate to Import Cars from Poland to Kenya

Before a car is shipped, a Vehicle Clearance Certificate is required from the Kenyan Bureau of Standards (KEBS). This certificate ensures the car complies with Kenya’s safety and environmental standards.

Bill of Lading for Import Car from Poland to Kenya

The Bill of Lading is a crucial document provided by the shipping company. It serves as a receipt for the vehicle and a contract for its carriage. Ensure this document accurately lists your vehicle’s details to avoid any discrepancies upon arrival.

Insurance Certificate Poland for Import and Export Cars to Kenya

Obtain an insurance certificate that covers the vehicle from the point of purchase to its arrival in Kenya. This insurance should protect against damage and loss during transit.

Homologation and Registration Import Cars from Poland to Kenya

Upon arrival, the vehicle must undergo homologation to confirm it meets Kenyan standards. Following this, the vehicle can be registered with the Kenya Revenue Authority. This process involves inspection, payment of the registration fees, and issuance of Kenyan plates.

Engage a Professional Import Agent to Import Cars from Poland to Kenya

Considering the complexity of the import process, hiring a professional import agent can be immensely beneficial. They can handle all paperwork, compliance checks, and liaise with shipping companies, ensuring a hassle-free import process. Used Toyota car for sale in Kenya

In conclusion, importing a car from Poland to Kenya involves multiple steps and adherence to specific regulatory requirements. By understanding each step, engaging with professionals like T More Auto Machinery, and ensuring all paperwork is accurately completed, you can successfully navigate the import process.