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10ft Containers For Sale

10ft Containers For Sale CONTAINERS, 8FT & 10FT We sell a variety of 8′ and 10′ shipping containers out of
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20ft shipping containers for sale

20ft Shipping Containers For Sale FOR SALE: 20-FOOT CONTAINS The most common shipping containers that we sell are 20 footers.
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40ft Containers (7’5″ Height)

Used 40ft Containers For Sale Our selection of one trip shipping containers includes the 40-foot container. On the outside, containers
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40ft Containers (9’6″ Height)

40ft shipping containers for sale 40-Foot Shipping and Storage Containers are the standard for oversized portable storage. These units are
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45ft Containers

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Chemical Storage Containers

Chemical Storage Containers Our Various Types of Chemical Transport Containers There are also multiple types of refrigerated chemical transport containers
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Flat Rack Containers

f you have an item or range of items that are large in size or difficult to transport, a Flat Rack Shipping Container is the ideal option. Flat Rack Shipping Containers consist of a flat bed, and containerise items for transportation that are oversized or have a difficult shape. Many of our customers have purchased a used Flat Rack Shipping Container to transport everything from oversized materials, and industrial and mining parts, right though to houses, water tanks, and boats. All Flat Rack Shipping Containers, are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions at sea and during transportation. You can rest assured that the strength and durability of our shipping containers, will suit all your needs, no matter how bulky your items may be.
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High Cube Containers

We Supply a wide range of shipping containers including High Cube Shipping Containers. Our range of used High Cube Shipping Containers, are ideal for customers that wish to store taller items, or require more room to stack bulky items. All our High Cube Shipping Containers are in great condition and we have 20ft shipping container and 40ft shipping container options available for plenty of added storage space. With all our High Cube Shipping Containers for sale, we are able to organise shipment and delivery directly to you at a very competitive price.
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Insulated Containers

Our best quality insulated containers rely on their insulation properties to maintain a steady temperature throughout. This is an advantage if your goods are being shipped a relatively short distance, when no power is available, or when a regular temperature is all that’s required rather than refrigeration. For instance, pre-cooled cargo from cold storage can be used with an insulated shipping container to maintain a cold chain very successfully on short trips, and many goods don’t even require cooling methods at all – the insulation of the container itself is enough to keep the goods in perfect condition. Insulated shipping containers are also increasingly being used for storage and accommodation as well.
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Office Containers

We Supply a wide range of different types and sizes of site offices. We offer modified containers ranging from standard to executive offices, with various options available to customise the unit(s) as you require. Just Enquire with us and we will advise you what size and customisation is good for your need.
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Open Top Containers

Open Top Shipping Container in size 20ft and 40ft

When you have items that need to be lifted by a crane and the roof gets in the way, an Open Top Shipping Container is the perfect solution. Ideal for transporting cargo that is large or heavy, and cannot be loaded through shipping container doors, an Open Top Shipping Container is the best way to get your items from A to B. Many of our customers use Open Top Shipping Containers to transport a wide range of industrial cargo including pipes, steel bars, cabling, mineral ore, mining materials and equipment, and logs.
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Pallet Wide Containers

Pallet Wide (PW) containers are containers that are specially designed to accommodate a larger amount of Euro pallets. This helps with maximizing space and efficiency. The three types of pallet wide containers, the 20-foot, the 40-foot and high cube, have the same external dimensions as their corresponding standard ISO containers. But their interior dimensions are different. Pallet wide containers’ interior width measures 2.438m, which is larger than the standard container’s internal width of 2.348m.
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Refrigerated Containers

As well as shipping containers for industrial items, We provide a range of Refrigerated Shipping Container options. A Refrigerated Shipping Container is the perfect solution for the transport and storage of temperature controlled goods. You can also utilise a Refrigerated Shipping Container as a mobile cool-room for work sites such as mining, construction, film sets, festivals, catering venues, and function venues. Suitable for food and drink storage, our refrigerated containers provide you with a cost effective option when traditional refrigeration is not possible.
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Tank Containers

Ideal for both static and transport functions, they conform to the most stringent international specifications and are quality rated to ISO (International Standard Organization) and IMO (International Maritime Organization) standards. Ranging in size from 21,000 to 26,000 litres, Our tank containers are dedicated to specific product types, but not limited to
  • Food cargos
  • Semi-hazardous products, such as diesel, paraffin and some petrol additives
  • Hazardous products, such as avgas, petroleum products and chemicals
  • High pressure industrial gasses
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